Advance SEO Tutorial For Blogger to Get More Traffic

Hello friends! Today in this article we are going to talk about Advance SEO Tutorial For Blogger to Get More Traffic. And How to Advance SEO Tutorial For Blogger to Get More Traffic. We will know all these things in detail in this article. So stay with this article to know in more detail.

What is SEO? Detail about Advanced SEO!

If you are a blogger then you must know what is SEO? But if you don't know no problem I tell you about SEO in detail.

Whenever a new blogger starts blogging. His first motive is to do online earning from blogging. But earning money is not the purpose of blogging. Nowadays a lot of people want to earn money from blogging but just copy and paste the articles. If you do blogging then you have patience.


Firstly you have to create your mind that you have to do blogging. SEO is also a part of Blogging with the help of SEO you can easily rank your Blog on any search engine Like Google and Bing. Until you get ranked your blog, you will not able to earn money from blogging.

But I have to tell you about SEO for Blogger to get more organic traffic. And it is absolutely free. Also, by reading this SEO Tutorial, you can easily do Advance SEO for your blog and ranked it to get traffic.

In this SEO Tutorial, I have covered almost all those things. Which is very important for you for your blog to be ranked.

On-Page SEO Techniques

Firstly we will learn about On-Page SEO because it is the most important part of SEO. We apply On-Page SEO when we write a blog post.

You will just write normal posts then it is not guaranteed that your article rank. Because any search engine has many types of algorithms.


So unless you write a post according to that algorithm. Until then, you will not have any post rank. Because in today's time, competition has become very high.

And who will follow the algorithm of the blog search engine? It will prove very helpful to have an article rank of the same blog. And below I have explained all the checklists of this On-Page SEO.

Do Keyword Research!

If you write an On-Page Optimized Article. Then you have to do the work of Keyword Research first. Because if you write articles on a similar topic.

Which no one searches. And if no one searches, then traffic will not come on that topic. So you have to do Keyword Research first.

To do Keyword Research, you get lots of online Keyword Research Tools. Many of these tools are free and many are Paid Tools.

So you have to use such keywords in your blog post, whose search volume is high and competition is absolutely low. So that the article can be ranked quickly.


Best Content Quality

On-Page plays the biggest role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The competition was very less at that time. 

So you've got to form the contents of your weblog post terribly high-quality base. in order that Google will quickly crawl your article and produce it to the top ten.

Blogpost Title Optimization

If you write a post on a specific keyword. So you have to SEO optimize the title of the post. And your post title should be 60 characters. You must have a Primary Keyword in your post title.

Make SEO-Friendly URL

Now you have to make an SEO friendly URL. It is also known as Permalink. I know you will think that how we can create an SEO Friendly URL for Blogpost?

To create an SEO Friendly Permalink, you must add your blog keyword in the URL. Make the blog URL short.

Don't use any unnecessary words in the URL of the blog post. Because Google will not give value to your URL.


Use Long-Tail Keywords.

By using keywords, you have to use a number of different keyword ideas that make your post optimized.

If you create a new keyword from the Primary Keyword with add some words, then it is known as Long Tail Keywords.

Keyword - SEO friendly URL
Long Tail Keywords - how to make SEO friendly URL

Meta Descriptions Optimization

Now we have to talk about Meta Description when we search for a keyword in Google Search Engine. Then we have a lot of results shows related to that keyword.

You see that every title of the post has the description of the post below it. This description is known as the name of the Meta Description.

To create an SEO Optimized Meta Description, your meta description length must be 150 characters.

It is necessary to put the primary keyword in your Meta Description. Which keyword is targeted to your Blogpost. This keyword also in your title and URL.

Use Internal Links & External Links

In On-Page Optimization the next step is Internal Links & External Link, using for SEO Structure of post is more powerful.

Internal linking means adding the URL of the other post of your blog to a new post that you write at that time. It is known as Internal Linking.

External Links mean to add the URL of another blog in your own post is known as External Linking.


Use Image & alt attributes (alt tag).

You have used at least one image in your blog post. You have to follow some steps to optimize your image.

First, you have an SEO Friendly Title of the image "must include the keyword in the title". You have to use an alt tag in the same image "Paste your title in alt tag".

Use Heading Tags.

When you write your blog post. You must use Headings in this post. Heading means H1, H2, H3,  H4, H5, and H6.

If you use the WordPress Content Management System (CMS), then you will also see the options in Heading like Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Heading 4, Heading 5, and Heading 6.

Off-Page SEO Techniques

We know everything about the on-page seo. Now we will know about the off page seo.

What is Off-page SEO? How can we rank our post using Off-page seo techniques?

Off page seo also works to rank our blog post. I have provided lnowledge about the off page seo below.

Create Mobile Friendly & Responsive Blog

You have to create your blog much responsive. Responsive means the website opened quickly in Desktop and Mobile.

Nowadays, google or other search engines like Bing are giving more priority to mobile users.

Because a number of searches are being done from the mobile. You have to create a mobile friendly Blog.


Check and fix Broken Links.

If you do not know about Broken Links then, I tell you that a link that does not exist is known as Broken link. And the link shows 404 Error.

You can try using any Broken Link Checker tool to check Broken Links of your Blog. Which URL is Broken then you can easily removed it.

Keep Blog UI Clean & Simple

You keep your Blog User Internface (UI) clean and very simple and do it more better and better. Because Google has new updates in the algorithm. If your UI will be good then the user will also enjoy reading.

Improve Website Loading Speed

The website speed is most important for blog ranking. According to Google latest algorithm, the website speed should be very good for ranking of your blog.

Google wants fastest result for his user. So, the speed of your website is very important to ranked your blog.

AMP Feature for WordPress CMS has been launched for Mobile speed. If you used AMP, then the speed of your website like a rocket.

But if you do not want to use AMP. Then you have choose a lightweight theme for your blog.


Create Backlink for Quick Indexing

Now you have to create backlinks for your blog or any post of your blog. The process of making backlink is known as Link Building strategy.

You get two types of backlink first one is Dofollow Backlink and the other is Nofollow Backlink. You must make a backlink for your blog.

If your post is not indexed quickly in Search Engine then, backlink is a mathod to get your blog post indexed quickly.

Use Social Sharing Buttons.

If you want to bring traffic to your blog then, Social Media is the best platform to get more and more traffic for your blog. For this, You should use Social Sharing Buttons in your blog.

Many themes have Social Sharing Buttons pre-installed but not found in some themes. If you are a wordpress user then you will use the Social Sharing Button plugin.



You will get this Advance SEO Tutorial For Blogger to Get More Traffic and How to do Advance SEO Tutorial For Blogger to Get More Traffic. You also want to give some kind of Suggestion, then you can share your opinion with us in the Comment Box below.

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