What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS

If we work in our life, first of all, we take care of our safety. Like we use a helmet while driving for our safety, keep our money safe by depositing money in the bank, mobile and laptop using antivirus to avoid the virus.

In the same way when we search for any information from the browser using the internet or conduct online transactions, then a secure link exists between our device and server.

Which keeps our personal data from the eyes of a hacker and the name of that link is HTTPS.


We all use the internet every day and you must have also seen that HTTP or HTTPS is written before the domain address of any website.

Have you ever thought about what it means? And what is it used for?

In today's blog, we are going to give you information about this subject.

Where we will tell you what HTTP and HTTPS are? 

So first we will know what HTTP is?

What is HTTP?

The full form of HTTP is "Hypertext Transfer Protocol" This is a type of network protocol used in the worldwide web.


There are sets of protocol rules that act as the communication channel between the browser and the server and control the function of data transfer between the two.

When we write the domain name of anyone website or blog on the address bar of the web browser.

For example when we wrote wikitechlibrary.com and as soon as we press enter, it automatically comes up with http:// with the domain name written on the browser's web address.

"http://wikitechlibrary.com" after which our ISP allows the browser to connect with HTTP.

And the server in which the hosting of that domain name remains, by connecting HTTP browser with that server, shows all the data associated with the domain name on the user's screen.

All file stores remain in the server and the server responds to the client according to the client's request. 

If there is any type of data transfer between the web browser and the server, they have to follow certain rules. And these rules are determined by the HTTP protocol.

HTTP uses port 80 of the TCP protocol to easily send and receive data packages to the web. Because HTTP uses port 80, therefore security is very less.

By which any person can easily break the connection between client and server and can steal data.

But this does not mean that everyone can break it, it is very important to have good knowledge of computer software to break it.


If you read an article on a website or download songs from somewhere, then you will not suffer any loss due to the handing of such an information hacker.

But if it is about email accounts, net banking, and online transactions in which ID and password is used, then such sensitive information comes to the hands of a hacker, then you can suffer huge losses.

What Is HTTPS?

So let's now know what HTTPS is?

The full form of HTTPS is "Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure". Https also does the same thing that HTTP does but has a strong security feature in the HTTPS protocol.

HTTPS is the secured version of HTTP. Because it uses SSL secure socket layer, whose job is to transfer data between browser and server in encrypted form.

SSL is based on the RSA algorithm. Where one public key and one private key are used in SSL. The public key is used to encrypt the information and the private key is used to decrypt the information.

And similarly sensitive data or information being transferred is protected. Data is quite secure from HTTPS as it is in encrypted form. Which is difficult to hack.

If a hacker has hacked the information too, then it will remain in encrypted form. In order to use this data, hackers will have to do data decryption, which is a bit difficult.


This is the reason that all the websites for money transfer or online transactions use HTTPS connection so that the data of the users is protected.

You must have seen the beginning of the URL of a website with https://, it means that your data has been secured through SSL.

Such a URL appears secured with a green lock icon written on it.

And now we will know what is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

Difference In HTTP & HTTPS?


HTTP is a protocol on which the data and information of the users go in the form of hypertext, ie in the plantext which can be hacked.

HTTP URLs begin with http: //.

The HTTP proxy server supports HTTP connection port 80.

Online banking and online shopping are not safe through HTTP.

Many blog school or college websites which are created for sharing information only, can use HTTP.

HTTP does not require any certificate, that's why it is free and gets automatically added to all blogs or websites.



Https is secured, meaning all data transfer between your browser and website is encrypted. Because of which data cannot be hacked by hackers.

Https URLs begin with https: //.

Http: The proxy server supports connection code 443. 

HTTPS is often used in an online transaction for a transactional examination.

In the end, we would like to tell you that you should never enter your personal details such as email id and password, this credit, debit card details on a website that has the only HTTP in front of the website.

Because if you do this, then you can be hacked very easily by a hacker who can steal your personal details.

That is why always work on the internet with caution and keep yourself safe. Hope you know what HTTP and HTTPS are? And what is the difference between them? It would have been known.

And we also hope that now you will be able to understand the importance of HTTP and HTTPS in front of any website you will serve and know whether you should give your personal detail on that website?


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