What is Telegram || How to make Money from Telegram

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about such a social media platform from which you can earn millions of rupees from home. You must have understood by looking at the title which social media platform I am talking about. Yes, I am talking telegram ki, basically, telegram is a messenger app like WhatsApp.

Many people also believe that telegram is an Indian app. But let me tell you that it was discovered by two brothers Nikolai Durov, Pavel Durov in March 2013 in Russia.

But due to some IT regulations there, he had to leave Russia now his headquarter is in Dubai. Before going to Dubai, he tried to go to many countries like Singapore, London, Berlin but could not go. We can use Telegram on our mobile, computer also. Telegram is available on all platforms. 


What is Telegram?

Here it is, now let's know about its history, what is a telegram. And what about us. How to earn money from telegram So to know this, read this article completely. Let's know what a telegram is.

So let's know what a telegram is. So let me tell you telegram is a social media platform that we use as a messenger.


Basically, this is an alternative to WhatsApp, but let me tell you, the telegram has more features available than WhatsApp and is also safer as well.

Here, no one can hack the chats done by you because here all the data is loaded on its cloud centers in its data centers. None of its data is loaded in your mobile or computer on its server so that you will be Get great speed.


It gets many features like: -

You can create your own group.

You can create your own telegram channel.

You get many emojis in it.

You can do your secret chat on it.

And many great features are found in the home telegram, which makes it the best messenger.

How to create a Telegram account.

So let's know that we telegram or How to create a Telegram Account.

STEP 1: So first of all we have to go to our Google play store. And here we have to type Telegram in its search bar, then download it from here.

STEP 2: After this, we have to open this downloaded app, after opening it we have to press the start button.

STEP 3: After pressing the Start ka button, A will ask for some permission from you, like you have to give all permission by pressing the allow ka button on all the permission.

STEP 4: After giving this permission, you have to enter your mobile number. As soon as you enter your mobile number and press the next button, it sends an OTP to your given mobile number. Now you have to put OTP here.

STEP 5: As soon as you enter OTP, a new page opens up.  Write your full name here, Now press the Next button, your telegram account is ready as soon as you press it.


Now here you can edit your account by pressing icon ko with this red circle.

You can create your own group.

You can make your telegram channel.

You can edit your profile from your settings.

Can do secret chats.

Can call a friend. Etc. 

join telegram

How to make money from Telegram.

Now here we have come to know what a telegram is. And how to create a telegram account now come, we can finally earn money from telegram.

So let's start with how to earn money from your next topic's telegram.

Let me tell you that there are many ways to earn money from telegram. But I know you right here

And I will tell you some useful ways by which you can earn lakhs of rupees a month by using it properly.

And by using many of these methods, I also earn a lot of money. So the first way is that:

1. Paid Promotions can be done.

So the first way to earn money from telegram is paid promotion, basically paid by promotions, we mean that we take money from any brand and promote it.

If there are good subscribers or members in your telegram channel or group, then many brands will come to you and offer themselves to promote their brand.

Such as: - You can promote a blog by taking money from it. A YouTube channel can be promoted. Can promote a new brand of a company.

And let me tell you pad promotion is the easiest and best way to earn money from telegram 2020

In or in the years ahead. You can earn from it. So let's go to our next ways You Can Make Money


2. Affiliate Marketing

We can make money from telegram using affiliate marketing. Yes, I can tell you that we can earn a lot of money from affiliate marketing, that too from my mobile

Sitting at home.

If you do not know what affiliate marketing is, using grams. so do not worry, I tell you what is ultimately affiliate marketing and how we can make money from it.

Affiliate marketing is basically a medium through which we can use our product. We can earn money as a commission by promoting the product of others produced.

In Affiliate Marketing, we have a commission from 5% to 40% when the product is sold, In Affiliate Marketing, we can sell from digital product to physical product. Let me give you an example. So that you will understand what affiliate marketing.

Suppose you create a telegram group like this. In which you tell about a laptop. So you can give a link to that product in your telegram post if any of that link if that buys the product. So you get commission according to that product.

Now you will ask a question that we will get the link to this product from where. So first you go to Amazon's affiliate program can join. It is very easy to join, just go to Google and type. "Amazon + affiliate" will open in front of your Amazon affiliate page, where you have to signup. And here you will get a special tracking link.

Now you can pick up any product from here and make it in your telegram group or channel. I hope you understand what affiliate marketing is.

So let's move on to our next way.

3. Product Selling

If you have your own product, then you can also sell it on your telegram group. If you have your own digital product. Or physical product, you can promote it in your telegram group.


4. Subscriptions can be charged.

Yes, if you share some amazing and super valuable information in your telegram group, then if your group is very famous, then you can earn money as a subscription charge from the people joining that group. Because two types of groups are formed on telegram, public and private when your group becomes famous. So you can make it private.

And you will like that only your group can join. And you can join that group. People can take a subscription charge and make money.

5. You can earn money by referring to apps.

Yes, just by sharing some apps in your telegram group, and the number of people with that download apps through your link. So you get a commission. Now there will be a question in your mind that we will meet these apps. So it is very easy to find many such apps on the Google play store that you promote. Can make money by doing. They give you commission upon download.

So let's go to our next method, by which you can earn money sitting at home from telegram.

6. Link Shortener Website

If you post a post in your telegram group in which a link exists, then you can upload links in your Telegram Channel by using Link Shortner.

This will happen that when a member of a group clicks that link, then only by seeing ads in it. You have to pass near your original post, it earns you a lot of money. through ads.

7. You can earn money as a reseller.

Yes, you can also work as a reseller here. Reseller means you have many companies. Which gives you the product that you can sell by setting the price according to yourself. 


8. By selling services.

If you do any professional work. Such as - website development, logo design, article writing, then you can sell services like these in your telegram group. And by selling services like these, we can earn money.


So here is the complete information on how we can earn money from Telegram. By using all these methods, you can earn a lot of money. Even many of these methods can be used simultaneously and in the same telegram group.

Can do In today's modern era, we have many such platforms available. Where we can earn lakhs on our mobile phone sitting at home.

Do and if you have got some benefit from this post, then share this post too as many people as possible. Do and make this post accessible to them.

Thank you……

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