How to capture a still image from Video on Android phone

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A video is actually a slideshow of pictures playing very fast, because things tend to shift. A recording of a video is much easier than taking a single image. The nice thing about such a video is that you should also find a still image from video.

You may also have to found the still video images look better than individual images. If you have ever seen a stopped image of a person walking in slow mo.? It looks so good and video. Now assume that you have to record a video clip and liked a single shot that you need to use as a picture.

You can take a still image from a video in different forms. This is also possible on your Android Smart phone. The picture is in full High Quality resolution so that you should also post-process and customize it however you need.  Android phone has too many applications available to capture a still video image. That is what we'll talk about in this article. Let's start!


Use of Gallery Application to take still images

Many Android phones have a built-in function that allows you take still pictures from the video clip in the gallery app. The Samsung Gallery application offers this feature. Here is what you have to do:

  • Open your Android phone gallery application.
  • Select and play a video on which you need to take still pictures.
  • Now change the video time period bar and select it to take the picture.
  • On your display screen you can see a icon of capture of the image or the screenshot image. The current frame of the video clip will be saved on your phone by pressing on it. You can see the preview of your picture by blinking the display screen.
  • Now go back to gallery and the recent picture you have taken from a video can be seen at the first. This picture will now be used on your Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or on other social media.

Take an image during video recording

Maybe users want to take a photo of some scene while you record a video. You will usually cancel any video and take an image from photo mode. Well, that is not important. When you record a video on Android Smartphone, you can take an image. Now we know about, How do you do this?


On your Android smartphone first of all you will open the camera app. Turn it to Video mode and start standard video recording. In the right side bottom corner of your mobile screen you will see a picture icon. This icon is used to capture a picture when you record a video. Only click on this icon and you have successfully done it.

You will now move to the gallery after you've finished recording the video, where both the video and photo can be saved. You do not have to use any application from third parties to capture an picture from video in this method. You can only do this on your Android Smartphone using the built-in camera application.

Use any third-party application to capture an image from video

There are many third-party Android applications that help you to still capture the pictures from the video clip. Video to photo is also such a application to capture pictures from videos. On Google Play Store over 500K+ downloads of that application. The application is almost 2 MB in size. Two options are open to discuss its features. Quick Capturing and Time Capturing are the options of that application.


You can take a simple shot based on the time of your video range with the Quick Capture feature. You could use the time capturing option if you want to capture a number of pictures from a video dependent on your interval of time. You will know how to use this application in this tutorial:

  • Open the application and click on Select Video button from the menu bar, but if you does not use this option and want to use the device built-in file manager to select the video, you will select the folder feature.
  • Then click on the video from which you need to take your pictures.
  • Then you will select either Time Capture or Quick Capture depending on your decision. Including this guide, we actually work on capturing a single picture and will use Fast Capture mode.
  • Choose the picture you need to grab from the video and click on Capturing button below. Your gallery will save the new picture.

Take still pictures from the video in Kinemaster

You will use the same application to capture still photos from the videos if you know about to use Kinemaster on the Android Smartphone. This is just for users on their mobile who use Kinemaster. Make a new Kinemaster project and upload the video through which still images will be taken. When you are in the dashboard editing, extend the video from timeline to identify the correct video.


Ensure that the video clip has been stopped from playing. Click on the capture button or icon on the left side of the screen that is placed above the setting icon. You will see a button called Capture and Save now. Just click this option and a screenshot of the current picture will be taken and saved as an image from gallery application on your smartphone.

And these are several basic techniques you could use on your Android Smartphone to capture a still picture from a recording. All these techniques can take complete 1920x1080 resolution HQ (high-quality) pictures.


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