How to Delete Pinterest Account Permanently

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Pinterest is often seen as a risk to personal safety, comparable to many other social media sites. Therefore, this article is written for people who are cautious about privacy issues. We want to discuss what Pinterest is and why you have to delete your Pinterest account before going on.

Pinterest is a website of life on social Media that allows consumers to learn about the collection of images known as pin's, which allow them to gain inspiration. Pinterest people account for adapting new plans, discovering new thoughts in structural systems or actually finding an excellent place to explore. Pinterest has over 100 million subscribers, of which 85% are women.


Some reasons to delete a Pinterest Account

  • The information you upload to the internet social media is not reachable. Pinterest pictures will show insights into your life, like where you work or what you want.
  • Regardless of your protection settings, "off-camera" security concerns still exist because Pinterest could accumulate user data.
  • Metadata for pictures you upload are also present on the website, like uncovering complexities, such as the location, time and date of the picture.
  • The interface of internet life users with high applications and data sharing can take place across projects.

Which data you lose by delete Pinterest Account permanently?

Once your Pinterest account is permanently deleted, you will never work again and other users will no longer be able to view your profile. So we suggest that you re-examine your decision. You will also briefly delete your Pinterest account and then have time to access it. But first I will tell you how to temporarily delete your Pinterest account?


How to delete Pinterest account temporarily?

To rest from Pinterest, you should delete your account. Any users would not be allowed to access the Pinterest account if you delete. And just login to reactivate the Pinterest account if you reconside the opinion.

By viewing the Pinterest settings, you can delete your account. However, make careful to note that the email address and username will not be taken up if the account is deleted.

Steps to delete your Pinterest account temporarily

  • Start and sign on to your device with the Pinterest app. Click on the icon in the lower right corner after signing in.
  • Then click on Setting icon in the top right-hand corner.
  • Tap Account Settings on the main menu.
  • After account settings have been clicked, scroll down and tap on Account deactivation.
  • It is prompted by requesting that the account be disabled. Your account will be disabled after confirmation as highlighted in the picture.


Please visit the URL of profile to check your account availability. Even so, do not sign-in to verify if your password is disabled or if your account is reactivated.

Now I move to our discussion on how to permanently delete the Pinterest account.


How to Delete Pinterest Account Permanently

You can delete your details permanently from Pinterest in this guide. The persistent deletion of your Pinterest account means your pins or boards will not be restored.

To delete Pinterest account, it will take 2-weeks for your profile picture to be taken down completely,  If you wish to change your decision within the 2-week limit, log in and re-send Pinterest a connection to re-activate your account by using your e-mail and passwords.

Steps to delete Pinterest Account Permanently

  • Start your phone with the Pinterest app and sign in to Pinterest account. After registering, click on the icon in the bottom right corner of your profile.
  • Then press the Settings button in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Tap Account Settings on the main menu.
  • Tap Close Account as accompanied by the picture on the profile settings menu.
  • It would then ask you to validate your account closed. Tap the Red Color closing account option. You would be permanently removed from the Pinterest account.


You may have to contact the company for support if you wish to permanently delete a company account you can use in order to create ads on Pinterest. You should remember that, before you get the company able to support you in removing your company account, you are required to pay outstanding bills and guarantee that there is no open expense.


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