How to Download your WhatsApp data collected

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Users are more worried with their data following the latest WhatsApp privacy policy updates. And if you just want to see what details WhatsApp receives, the firm owned by Facebook helps you to download and access the data. Dubbed for Request Account detail, this function helps you to export a report which includes your addresses, profile image, groups and your WhatsApp details. This article does not contain the messages, so the sender does not receive the same messages. 

How to download WhatsApp data?

Request your data on WhatsApp

Be sure to update the app to the new version for download your data. After that, follow the below steps:

  • Open WhatsApp Messenger >> Settings >> Account.
  • Here search for the Request account info, and click on it.
  • On next tab, press the Request report.

Your file will be available for download within 3 days or so of the date submitted. You'll get a notification on your mobile when it is open.

Download your data on WhatsApp

  • Open WhatsApp Messenger >> Settings >> Account and click on Request Account info.
  • Now you can see a button of Download report, click on it and download a ZIP file to your mobile.
  • You can click on the Export report until the file is download completely. 

The file could be in a ZIP file which is easy to view, includes some HTML and Json file. You will not view the WhatsApp file. So, to export the file, you would require an external application. Share by email a copy of the file with your device and open it there.


What data is collected from WhatsApp?

,WhatsApp collect user data including mobile number, IP Address, manufacturer and system type, photo of profile, contact data, and groups. It also collect service terms of service that reveal when you agree the terms of service of WhatsApp. It also has data and privacy settings for registration such as last seen, profile picture and the status.

Having related feature are in Telegram Messenger and Signal Private Messenger?

How to Download your WhatsApp data collected

Only specified data are collected by telegrams, but the download data has no related feature. Instead, you may export images and other media like your chats. You can export these conversations in HTML or JSON format and the Telegram Desktop application is required to export chats.


Signals have no feature where you can download your data because they save your mobile number only and do not save any data.


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