How to Fix Ping issues in Online Games

Hello friends! Today in this article we are going to talk about How to Fix Ping issues in Online Games. We will know all the answers to the How to Fix Ping issues in Online Games. So stay with this article to know in more detail. 

Multiplayer video games have a huge fan base from all over the world. If it's a basic FPS game or a high-end game like PUBG, lag and ping problems both come with it. In such games, many of us have also experienced game lags and ping problems. So, in PUBG Mobile or some other online sports, how do we figure out lags?


What are the Online Games?

It is most likely that games that can be enjoyed by linking to the internet are considered online games. But as with video gaming, people are more into playing these days (battle royale games: 1st Link).

To send you the best and lag-free gameplay, Battle royale games require a lot of stuff and today we will accomplish it.

What is the Ping in Online Games?

Ping is that which is often called latency of the network. The ping value represents, in simple words, the reaction time between clients and servers. Your in-game movement would be marginally slower than your opponent if your ping is high, which is enough to eliminate the player who has a lower ping. Yeah, you have the lower ping, the better chance of having some quick kill.

In online games, how do we solve the Ping issue?

6 Methods to Solve Ping Problem in some Online Games

  • Make sure you have fast internet speed on your computer.
  • Switch to broadband or Wi-Fi.
  • Using Mode of Airplane
  • Clear Cookies and Cache.
  • Before starting the game, close all background applications.
  • Restrict data from backgrounds.


Make sure you have high internet speed on your phone

Mobile gamers also play their mobile internet online games, which is not so good for high-end FPS games. You must have a strong internet speed in order to equal the capacity of your opponent.

Game data can pass quickly with the higher Internet speed and you will be able to see really low ping in your game. In this way, ping problems can be solved in online games.

Move to a broadband connection

For those persons using the mobile internet, it is still broken. In that case, it is impossible to find the speed at which most users access the same Internet at the same time. We can still rely on a strong broadband network in that situation.

With PUBG Smartphone, connecting to Wi-Fi will really save you from several latency and ping problems. If you don't know, most of the popular pro players use high-speed broadband internet to play their games.

Using Mode of Aeroplane

So, if you're upgrading to a decent internet network, then when you're gaming, I have to recommend you use the airplane mode. Some phones may have functions to bypass gaming calls, but still, the sim network remains active to accept calls that may cause some game lags and ping declines.

Therefore, using Aeroplane mode is a good way to use Battle Royale or MOBA games for improved game results in all online games.


Clear Cache and Cookies

Well, it's not really powerful, but it still works for low-end mobile. So, if you have a cheap 2-3-4 GB ram phone as well, then you can still give it a shot. Cookies and cache clearing can allow you to free some space where your game can properly run, send, and receive game data.

You'll see that this eliminates in-game lags and ping.

Close all Applications of background

Isn't clearing a cache sufficient? Well, before beginning the online game, you can also close all background apps and games. In order to run data correctly, it will save a lot of your RAM.

There's no extra app needed to close applications. So, you should still do this on your own devices.


Restrict data from the background

Some applications that continue to connect to the internet and start automatically are very irritating. It is not possible to forever stop these applications, but what you can do is switch the background data to the apps you don't like. Your applications would not be able to restart themselves and consume data in this way.

So the other apps will consume data, it is likely to occur in your game due to network ping problems. So, give this tip a try in your game to see some positive effects.


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