How to Install and Activate WordPress Plugins [Step by Step]

Hello friends! Today in this article we are going to talk about How to Install and Activate WordPress Plugins. We will know all the How to Install and Activate WordPress Plugins. Stay with this article to know in more detail about it.

Big and small businesses, Web designers, marketing experts, content developers, the copywriters team and individuals from different backgrounds use the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) to quickly create websites for skilled users and reach their web-based ultimate targets. WordPress biggest benefit is that it is completely free of charge open to all. Everyone can build WordPress professional websites to use WordPress plugins.

The Plugins of WordPress are useful tools for owners of WordPress site. They easily add new functionalities and features to their websites using WordPress plugins to meet visitors increasingly growing demands.


Technology as well as non-tech people use the WordPress CMS. Some people, especially non-tech people, are unable to install and activate WordPress plugin. So in this post, we will explain many methods in which WordPress plugins are installed and activated. Let's know about it.

Note that: Many users of WordPress.com sometimes state they have the site dashboard with no popular plugin. This is because they have certain limits when utilizing the free version of the CMS. If you do, simply pick a business plan. You could download every plug-in without any fuss if the platform is designed with WordPress.org.

Install a Scratch WordPress plugin

It could be the most convenient, quickest and secure way to install a plugin for WordPress on the website. Only click on Plugins » Add New to the admin section of your website.

Type the name of the plugin that you want search in the search bar. 

Check Google for a valid suggestion if you do not even know the name of a popular plugin. For example, just enter "WordPress SEO Plugins" in the search bar if you want to install an SEO plugin. Several findings need to be collected. Just pick a specific link then click on install now for chosen plugin to start installing.

Just click on the link on your WordPress site when the plugin is fully installed on your web site. In a few minutes, the plugin will be activated. The main drawback of this method is that only free plugins identified in the WordPress plugin directory can be installed.


Note: Only such WordPress plugins consistent with the new version of WordPress must be installed on your site. This helps you prevent future updates difficulties. If the required plugin is not available in the WordPress plugin directory, have it for a couple of dollars from the WordPress Plugin Development Company.

Manually download the Zip file to install a WordPress plugin

If you buy or download a Premium plugin from the site, you can receive a ZIP file. Go to the WordPress site's plugin control interface, Install a new one.

Now, select the plugin that your website has already installed and upload it to the site.

If the installation of the plugin is completed, simply turn it on.

What do you do if you download errors from the plugin?

The plugin download fails on a number of occasions. If it's the case, you should read the ZIP File documentation. This helps you to quickly erase the mistake. Take the aid of a WordPress plugin expert if you can't do it yourself.

If the error message can be interpreted, extract the archive and find a ZIP file with the name or words that fit the plugin name. Try to download the built-in ZIP archive after that. The problem with the plugin installation ends at once.


Manually installed from an FTP WordPress

This can be used if you get a WordPress plugin that is stored in a .zip file to install and activate. There are many website owners of WordPress who use this method if they need a local hosting server to change their site.

You have to install plugin through FTP

Go to your site files directory through FTP,
Open the wp-content/Plugins in plugin file,
Upload and download the uninstalled file from the computer
Enable the downloaded plugin in the Plugins section in your website's admin panel.


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