How to Switch from Old Facebook Classic Design

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Only a few months ago, Facebook released a new desktop user interface. This improvement in the layout of Facebook has been mixed with users. Some users find it interesting and smooth compared to the last, while there are many users that don't like the latest desktop layout on Facebook.

The new style of Facebook user interface has improved totally. At the top of the web page you will see stories and your successful contacts are listed in the right sidebar menu. The news reports have now switched to the left side, which has been in the middle before and is much larger. From navigation menu that appears you could go to different Facebook accounts.


In general, the latest Facebook layout is really clean and we really enjoyed its User interface, but it's difficult to find functions that can be quickly accessed in the last update. It is one of the reasons why users continue to move to the old user interface on Facebook.

This guide will be very useful to you if you search for this solution as well. Here we are going to teach you how to move from your laptop to the old Facebook user interface. Now let's quickly turn to the key topic without waste of time while talking about implementing this guide.

How to switch from Old Facebook classic

Now explain the doubt that Facebook layout can be updated to the previously classic version, but this version is only usable for a specific periods of time. Once then, the subject will be switched to the current one forever and you will not be able to go back to the older one.


This complete guide tells you how to update the layout of the Facebook to a old classic version

  • On your phones and other devices, opens the Facebook site. Using Google Chrome to open the web version of the Facebook profile while using your phone. First, please make sure your Facebook account is signed in.
  • Once you have access to the homepage, in the navigation menu, press the drop-down icon at the bottom right.
  • The option called Switch to Classic is shown when the update menu is available. Just takes the curser and click on just this option.
  • You are now invited to give your input with a pop-up window open on your phone. You will assess your latest Facebook experience and say why you turn back. Tap the Post button until you're finished. By clicking Skipped option, you can save the feedback system.
  • You'll then be moved back to the old classic version of Facebook. Good luck!

Missing option for Switch to Classic Facebook?

Some people complained because their account did not include an option to "Switch to Classic Facebook" It is because this feature was deleted by Facebook and the current version is now stable. If you still face the same issue, it means that Facebook has changed you to the new template permanently. Unfortunately, now you can't turn to the old classic Facebook.


How to switch back to Facebook New Layout

If you do need to move back to the latest design of Facebook, then just follow the steps given below. 

  • Open your laptop or Computer and log in to account on the Facebook web version.
  • Click on icon on the top right corner of the screen in the navigation menu.
  • Just click on "Switch to new Facebook" to update the Facebook interface to the new version.

How to switch to the old basic mobile version of Facebook

The phone basic version of Facebook is now very popular around the world of 2G networks on low-end phones. The mobile version of Facebook has a really basic interface (UI). Up to now, you still can reach this version on the phone or desktop through Facebook. Facebook is not disappearing.

Just open each tab to visit the website of mbasic.facebook.com. It brings you to the basic mobile version of Facebook. Simply log in and enjoy your account. We also shared some helpful hints so that if you run off your phone with data but still need to access Facebook, you can use the old simple mobile app.



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