How to Turn on Guard of Facebook Profile Picture

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The privacy of users is still prioritized by Facebook. Facebook has the best privacy setup compared to other social networks. Users can configure almost everything according to their needs, from improving the visibility of posts to controlling who can view your list of friends.

A new privacy tool called the profile guard has been added to Facebook, enabling you to include a protection layer in your profile photo. A Profile Guard is a form of shield, so that no person can download, tag and share your profile photo on Facebook.

For those that are extra careful with their privacy this is surely a fantastic privacy feature. You can change it on manually, it is not enabled by default. In this post, we discussed about the Fb profile guard tool, including how to turn it on and what advantages it has to provide us. Let's start our today tutorial!


How to add profile picture guard on your Facebook

Follow these steps given below to adding profile guard on Facebook profile picture

  • Open your Facebook application and open Login to your Fb account.
  • Go to menu bar: At the right top corner here click on three lines.
  • Click on the option See your profile: this will open your Fb profile.
  • Tap the photo of your Facebook profile: Now open a pop-up window, where you can see different profile image options.
  • Click on the Profile Picture Guard button to Turn it on: After that this page redirect to another page where it has the explanation of profile guard and privacy of your profile image.
  • Now Click on Next to continue: you will now be able to see the guard is going to appear on the image of your profile.
  • To apply Profile guard, press Save button.

Now review the profile guard you have used for your DP in your Fb account.


How to add profile picture guard on your Facebook (in Desktop)

It's exactly the same steps of Android Facebook App and very little changing for the Facebook website in Desktop. Follow some steps given below:   

  • Go to and log in with your Fb account on the Facebook web in your desktop.
  • Go to the profile next and click on the picture of your profile.
  • Click on Turn on profile guard.
  • Then you are going to see your photo profile preview. 
  • Now, Click the button Save.

What will happened if you add picture guard to your profile

In general, if you are worried for the profile image privacy, there are many reasons to use the Fb profile guard option. Some reasons are given below:

  • Other users, just not your friends, would not be able to post or view your profile image. It provides an extra layer of privacy.
  • Your profile picture can only be tagged by you and by your friends.
  • Other persons can not take the screenshot of profile image. If anyone attempts to do so, he will display a notification: "You cannot take the screenshot due to the security."
  • On the profile image you will get a security shield icon and a blue frame, which shows you have enabled a profile security shield. It sends a clear message that your privacy needs to be protected.


How to remove photo guard on your profile picture  

To follow the same steps we used before turning on, you will quickly disable the image guard profile. Login to your Fb account to open the Facebook application then go to the profile, click on the image of your profile. Now click the 'Turn off profile screenshots' button. A pop-up box will then be opened in which the action would be confirmed. Now click on Yes.


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