Ufone Call Packages 2021: Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly

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Ufone provides its customers with the best Ufone call offers every day. Both of these come with various plans, including daily, monthly, and weekly packages. Ufone, as we all know, is Pakistan's leading service for mobile operators. We spoke about Jazz call packages in which the full process for activating call packages is explained. We'll be giving you the complete details of the Ufone package today. Ufone is also known for its amazing, easy to navigate and relatively budget call packages.

Ufone is a global superstar from Pakistan. In terms of its impressive ufones, that's the biggest and most reliable telecommunications network and customer base globally. In the first decade, Ufone just won in millions of consumers after decades of effort in progress. Its growth has increased since then. It was once the most leading network in the nation with a better budget available to anyone. Let's go through the details of the call packages below:

Ufone Call Packages Hourly/1Hour 2021

If you have a low balance and have an emergency and are expected to activate call packages, the best is power hour and 3 pe 3 package. Only in 7.17 PKR, the first package provides 60 Ufone to Ufone minutes, 60 free SMS, and 60 MBs of internet data. Secondly, for the next two hours, 3 pe 3 offer gives 120 Ufone to Ufone minutes only in Rs. 6.

Package Detail Validity Price (Rs.) Code
Power Hour 60 On-net Minute, 60 SMS, 60 MB Internet 1 Hour 7.17 (Incl. Tax) *99#
3 Pe 3 Package 120 On-net Minutes 2 Hou 6.00 (10 Paisa + Tax) *343#

Ufone Call Package Daily/1 Day/ 24 Hours 2021

Start talking non-stop for 24 hours and never be tired until it comes to an end. Get 86,400 min on the Internet; too many have never been provided before with any telephone network. Subscribe at 12 noon, and at the same time again, on the next day. Compare *5700# to subscribe to Ufone for the day call package and share your stories with their buddies on call. You will receive 86400 call minutes at 8.99Rs alone. On both prepayment and post-payment, Ufone users are eligible for a daily/1 day/24 hours package.

Package Detail Validity Price (Rs.) Code
24 Ghantay Package 86400 On-net Minutes (Charges Rs. 0.15 per call) 1 Day 9.00 + Tax *5700#
Daily Pakistan Offer 100 On-net Minutes, 10 MB Internet 1 Day 18.00 *888#
Beyhisaab Offer Unlimited On-net Minutes (Charges Rs. 0.13 per call) 1 Day 14.50 *5700#

Ufone Weekly Call Packages 2021

Several weekly call bundles are described in detail below. If anyone may not have a suitable daily or hourly call bundle, you subscribe to Ufone's seven-day packages. The cost of the weekly call package is higher than the daily call package, but it is sufficient for you to use both packages.

At the start, the company developed a reputation for innovative telecoms technology, but over time, it has built up a valuation service portfolio with obsolete connectivity. Rather, it delivers a range of weekly calling bundles, from education to entertainment, to deal with all types of customer needs. The most widely used weekly call packets are Power Pack (Asli Chapphar Phar) and Weekly Pakistan.

The Power Pack provides an exciting 100 U to U minutes, 100 SMS, and 1000 MB internet package for you. With unlimited on-net minutes and 100 MBs of the Internet, the weekly Pakistan package comes with unlimited on-net minutes.

Package Detail Validity Price (Rs.) Code
Weekly Pakistan Offer 700 On-net Minutes, 100 MB Internet 7 Day 100.00 *8888#
Super Minutes Package 100 Other Network Minutes 7 Day 130.00 *210#
Asli Chappar Phaar Offer 100 On-net Minutes, 100 SMS, 1 GB Free Internet 7 Day 120.00 *5050#

Ufone Monthly Call Packages 2021

The superfast Ufone Pakistan telecommunications network has been serving its users for a long time. 4000 minutes online and 400 MB for 1 month on the Internet are included in the Ufone Monthly bundle. Call every phone network and begin without disruption to talk. It gives you more benefit than though you're a daily Ufone user. It's all UFONE, and it's all for you. To make Ufone monthly packages on Ufone SIM, write *8888#. In only 418Rs, this offer is permitted with relevant taxes.

Ufone consumers can choose from a wide range of wisely designed Ufone Super Packages, such as Ufone Super Card Plus, Ufone Super Card, Ufone Mini Super Card, and Ufone Super Internet. In addition, customers can find any suitable Ufone Super Card bundles depending on their requirements, convenience, and usability.

Here is the full list at the required rate of the monthly Ufone call packets. For 30 days, Ufone offers cost-free sim lagao providing 6000 Ufone to Ufone free minutes, 6000 SMS, and 6 GB internet. You need to dial the following code *5000# to subscribe to this package.

Package Detail Validity Price (Rs.) Dial
Sim Lagao Offer 6000 On-net Minutes, 6000 SMS, 6 GB Internet 30 Days 0.00 *5000#
Nayi SIM Offer 500 On-net Minutes, 25 Off-net Minutes, 500 SMS, 1 GB Internet 30 Days 50.00 *1000#
Monthly Pakistan Package 4000 On-net Minutes, 400 MB Internet 30 Days 418.00 *8888#
Super Card - 550 Per Month 150 Other network minutes, 4000 SMS, 1.2 GB 30 Days 550.00 Load Super Card
Super Card Plus 1200 On-net Minutes, 180 Other network minutes, 4200 SMS, 2 GB Internet 30 Days 599.00 *250#

Ufone 2 Days and 15 Days Packages 2021

Package Detail Validity Price (Rs.) Code
Super Recharge Package 10 Off-net Minutes, 700 SMS, 100 MB Internet 2 Day 50.00 *300#
Super Mini Card 500 On-net Minutes, 75 Off-net minutes, 3500 SMS, 600 MBs Free Internet 15 Day 330.00 *230#

Ufone Call Packages need not be missed when it comes to calling-only packages. There is even a package for those who don't call enough to save money because they don't pay a lot, even though they have tiny calls. That's the standard for your users of satisfaction and care from the network.

This is Ufone's name. And the unlimited convenience of multiple packages for their users. It is also the first to develop a Super Card design that involves SMS, calls, and Internet MBs combined in a single card at an amazing price. Since they saw the popularity of the network, all the other networks followed.

  • The time limit on a single subscription is 100 mins.
  • The agreement is valid starting at 11:59 p.m. Within the same night or consumption of free minutes.
  • The package is automatically renewed at 12:00 noon (PST)
  • Voice bins, NTC numbers, and shortcodes are not used in calls.
  • Use just biometrical SIM authentication by PTA. The SIM is identity.


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