Ufone WhatsApp Packages 2021: Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Hello friends! Today in this article we are going to talk about Ufone WhatsApp Packages 2021, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. We will know all the Ufone WhatsApp Packages 2021, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Stay with this article to know in more detail about it.

The WhatsApp is a vital part of today's man's life and thus it is really important to discuss Ufone's WhatsApp packages 2021. The bundles are provided for daily, weekly, or monthly. The WhatsApp is the most commonly used social platform for sharing messages and enabling audio calling and video calls from around the world.

You will have a good mobile network with continuous connection, and excellent facilities for the effective use of WhatsApp. This is where Ufone meets the demand for excellent Ufone WhatsApp packages.

Not just impressive but still really cheap are those WhatsApp packages 2021. The interesting packages are classified into a WhatsApp Packages daily, weekly and monthly.

Ufone Daily WhatsApp Packages 2021

In the Ufone Daily WhatsApp Packages, Ufone provided its subscribers with many exclusive packages on a daily basis. The following are the details of these Daily WhatsApp packages:

PackagePriceDetailValidityDial Code
Special Daily Bundle Rs 6.00500 MB Internet for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Line, 50 MB Internet DataValid only for 1 am to 9 pm*3461#
Daily Light Bundle Rs 12.00500 MB Internet for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Line, 40 MB Internet DataValid till midnight*2256#
Daily Heavy Bundle Rs 18.00500 MB Internet for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Line, 75MB internet DataValid till midnight*2258#
Social Daily Bundle Rs 6.00 100 MB Internet for Facebook, WhatsApp and TwitterValid till midnight*4422#
Daily Chat Bundle Rs 6.00500 MB Internet for WhatsApp + 10,000 SMSValid till midnight*3465#

Ufone WhatsApp Daily Package

The Ufone Daily WhatsApp package requires just 5 rupees, including 10,000 SMS and Unlimited 3G/4G MBs. Y ou will dial *630# on your phone  to get the package and for checking the remaining Internet MB's and SMS detail dial *706#. It is the 24 hours or one day package after 1 day the Package will be ended. Dial *6301# for Unsubscribe this Package.

Special Daily Package of Ufone

You will find 500 MBs for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Line, 50 MBs Internet Data in Ufone's special daily package. It is subscribe only in Rs 6 and valid for 1 am to 9 pm. To Subscribe this Package Dial *3461#.

Daily Light Package of Ufone

Ufone provides you with WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Line, also provide 40 MBs Internet Data in just Rs 12 with the Daily Light bundle. The package is available until the same day at midnight. You will dial *2256# to subscribe this bundle.

Daily Heavy Bundle of Ufone

The Ufone Daily Heavy package within just Rs 18 helps you to quickly get 75 MB Internet and 500 MB for social media platforms. The bundle would last until midnight of the same day. Just dial *2258# if you want to subscribe this Package.

Ufone Social Daily Offer

The Social Daily package only provides you with 100 MBs Internet in Rs 6 for WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. It remains until midnight of the same day. To subscribe this Package dial *4422#  .

Daily Chat Package of Ufone

In only Rs 6, 500 MB Internet Data and 10,000 SMS were later added in the Ufone Daily Chat package. The package is valid until midnight for the same day. You must dial *3465# to subscribe for the Daily Chat.

Ufone Monthly WhatsApp Packages 2021

Since the months are long-aware, Ufone Monthly WhatsApp Packages are very charming. Thus, Ufone users are quite demanding for Ufone Monthly WhatsApp Packages 2021. When the packages provide not only MBs for the WhatsApp but also other Internet Data, the interest of the users is improved. The following are the information of Ufone Monthly WhatsaApp packages:

PackagePriceDetailValidityDial Code
Monthly Light Bundle Rs 390.002 GB Internet Data for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Line, 1 GB Internet Data30 Days*7807#
Monthly Heavy Bundle Rs 780.002 GB Internet Data for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Line, 3 GB Internet Data30 Days*803#
Monthly Max Bundle Rs 1560.002 GB Internet Data for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Line, 10 GB Internet Data30 Days*5100#
Social Monthly BundleRs 60.001 GB Internet Data for Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter30 Days*5858#
Monthly Lite Cashback Offer Rs 250.002 GB Internet Data for Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter, 1 GB internet data and 50 Rs Cashback30 Days*3# and follow instructions

The Ufone Monthly WhatsApp packages are provided with unlimited Internet MBs for WhatsApp within Rs 50 for a month / 30 days. Dial *5858# to subscribe these packages.

Ufone Monthly Light Bundle

The Ufone Monthly Light package offers you will get the 2GB internet Data for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Line. This package is still valid in Rs 390 for 30 days. You must dial *7807# if you want to subscribe this package.

Monthly Heavy Ufone Package

In Ufone Monthly Heavy Package you will get 2GB of mobile applications such as WhatsApp and 3 GB Internet Data for just Rs 780. Monthly heavy Package subscription code is *803#.

Ufone Monthly Max Package

The Monthly Max Package from Ufone provides 2 GB Internet data for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Line  and also provide 10 GB Internet Data. This bundle will be available in Rs 1560 for 30 days. By dialing *5100#, you can quickly subscribe to the package.

Ufone Monthly Social Offer

A monthly social package is also available in Ufone Monthly WhatsApp bundles. It is valid for the complete month or 30 days on just Rs 60. If you get this package, dial *5858# and you will get 1 GB Internet Data WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

Ufone Monthly Lite Cashback Package

The Ufone Monthly Lite Cashback package is awesome, as its 1 GB Internet Data and 2 GB internet Data for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Line is just in Rs 250 with Rs 50 cashback. You can see those instructions on your display screen by dialing *3# and follow these steps to use the package.

Ufone Weekly WhatsApp Packages 2021

Ufone users are disappointed because Ufone does not have exclusive WhatsApp weekly packages.  Weekly internet offers are available but WhatsApp does not have an exclusive package. 

Ufone provide 250 MB of social media in Rs 50, like WhatsApp. You have to dial *7811# to subscribe to the package for a week.

Terms & Conditions

  • You have a WhatsApp package that is applicable to you if you use WhatsApp for sending and receiving texts, videos, documents and images. You must to pay for it, if you are going to be doing video and audio conversation.
  • In each bundle the taxes are also included.
  • These packages apply only to prepaid users and not for postpaid users.
  • The speed of the Internet depends on the place, the package you choose and the mobile you use and any bundle offers you full speed to use.


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