WhatsApp Will Delete Your Account If You Don’t Share Personal Data

If you refuse to share your data with the company, The Facebook would not allow you to be using WhatsApp even more.

The social media giant has warned users around the world of an upgrade to its terms of service and privacy policies that will be implemented beginning in February. In the "Information You Provide" section, the privacy policy update extends with specifics about what data Facebook receives from WhatsApp users and how it is exchanged with other Facebook services and 3rd parties.

"Automatically Collected Information" is further explained in the new policy, which contains a broad range of information that WhatsApp gathers from its users.


The hardware model of your handset, operating system information, signal quality, software version, browser information, telephone network, communication information (including mobile number, phone company or ISP), language and time zone, IP address, information about computer activities, and identifiers are some of the information collected.

Additionally, the new policy reads:

Even if you do not use our destination features, we use IP addresses and other data such as area codes for mobile numbers to approximate your general location (e.g., your city and country).

And as confirmed by the latest rules, this is just a small portion of what data WhatsApp gathers on you.

In this case, whether users can choose among sharing their details or not, all of this would be appropriate, as had initially been the case for WhatsApp. However, as per the new rules, persons who do not comply with these conditions will miss access to accounts, Facebook said in the latest update sent to all.

Here you can learn for yourself the new privacy policy. "Our DNA is coded to respect your privacy," was the forefront of earlier WhatsApp rules, but it could no longer be seen everywhere.

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