4K HDR Streaming Support for YouTube Android App

Congrats, 4K HDR playback support has now been received through YouTube Android software. 4K support for iOS devices has been available for some time and Android users can now also stream 4K HDR updates. Until now, Android users could view videos only with a maximum resolution of 1440p on the YouTube platform. Earlier, only if the display allows higher resolution on your phone can you see the 4K images. This has now improved with the new 4K HDR support upgrade.


4K HDR Streaming Support for YouTube Android App

Another video output alternative – 2160p (4K) HDR – can now be used by the upgraders. If you have HDR streaming support for YouTube 4K on your Android smartphone then click on the 3-Point Menu icon in the top-right corner in the video box to view any YouTube videos you have imported into 4K. Pick Quality and, among other resolutions, you should be able to view 2160p60 HDR. 144p60 HDR is the lowest option.


Not every device has an update available. But the new update's flagship devices will get the functionality. In your comments, let us know if you can play 4K videos on Youtube with your smartphone or tablet.