60% of Huawei's smartphone shipment may drop in 2021

Smartphone Products Orders were recently recorded by Huawei to sellers by about 60 percent in 2021. The decline to 70 million from 189 million smartphone shipments in 2020 in 2021 has been a result of the US Chinese smartphone maker being punished.

Although the U.S. government lacks the approval to import goods for 5G devices, mobile requests for 4G models are limited. Any suppliers have suggested that the volume could be reduced to approximately 50 million units.


Google cut Huawei smartphones off from possible Android improvements in May 2019. Huawei was barred from developing 5G networks in many countries around the world.

On 22 February, Huawei is scheduled to attend the event in China to market their P-series and Mate series. The organization is also expected to reveal a Mate X2 foldable. In the fourth quarter of 2020, IDC announced that Huawei shipped 32 million telephones.

In the smartphone market worldwide behind Apple and Samsung, the Chinese tech business fell to No. 3 last year, according to an IDC report.


Huawei sold the Honor budget brand to a consortium of more than 30 Chinese companies in November to help Honor regain access to critical components subject to US specifications.

Honor announces that it has secured business alliances, including AMD, Intel, MediaTek, Micron Technology.

The Huawei smartphone market also bears a major semiconductor and device shortage. In China, US President Joe Biden was supposed to reduce his predecessor's hardline posture on China's trade, especially in terms of semiconductors and equipment.