Bitcoin Taking on Gold Crypto investments cross $1,700 billion

The world market volume for digital assets has been $1.68 trillion over the past 24 hours and was an important day for the crypt investor.

This growth is a result of the continued Bitcoin rally that is over $51,000, driven by a host of large-scale investors joining the scene of the crypt. Perhaps the other noteworthy entrants were the world-renowned Motley Fool and worldwide wealth strategist BlackRock.

Motley Fool confirmed that it had "floated $5 million to view the income stream as ten times the value over the long term." according to numbers published by Decrypt.


BlackRock has meanwhile thrown its hat into the ring of Bitcoin and it manages an asset worth $8.67 trillion – more than the UK, India, and Canada GDPs combined. Rick Rieder, CEO of the company (CIO), informs CNBC that,

It is now extremely volatile, but listen, people are looking for valuable storage areas. People are looking for places that can appreciate if inflation goes up and debts are built, so we started dabbling a bit in it.


Rieder' remarks arrived on the same day Bitcoin for the first time in its rollercoaster history broke down above $52,000.

Mainstream statistics indicate that the BTC is estimated at $1 trillion within a reachable distance. In terms of value, the superb growth of Bitcoin seems to have diminished the value of gold, which lost value since July 2020.

How is crypto-related to gold?

Gold and Bitcoin were once considered as bedfellows – safe havens in economic uncertainties if you hadn't known it before.

Today those who look very much like rivals when investors with an immense appetite for risk bet on Bitcoin's performance in difficult periods than the slow and steady gold position.