Facebook now making a Smartwatch
When it came to hardware ventures, Facebook has had mixed results. The headsets from Oculus VR may have been successful, but the relationship with HTC has proved very unhappy.

Now an anonymous details article says that the social media company can have an smartwatch throughout the works. The report also notes that the first model of this watch will come with an open-source Android version and have an incorporated cellular connection. The new update is likely to be launched in 2023 and is all an effort to grab Smartphones as the next major market.


It will of course have connected resources on Facebook, but it would also emphasize on health and wellness with an additional social aspect. It may also support third-party platforms such as Peloton, although it's not obvious why businesses would prefer to concentrate instead of watching oriented companies like Apple on their ties to a Facebook look.

But the effectiveness of this project remains uncertain, particularly because it entails multiple privacy controversies and analysis. There's not anybody in the Facebook platform and even users aren't aware of it.

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