Google And Samsung support Cryptocurrency for payments

The use of cryptocurrency tends to grow in payment systems, considering the shifting patterns that push consumer activity on the basis of mass media. Twitter also revealed that Bitcoin will be viewed as a possible place for advertising bankrolling.

Now Google Pay and Samsung Pay are expected to provide consumers with crypto payments. The reports are that in the following month or two, the two technological companies will deploy new services.


BitPay, a digital exchange company, posted on the reports that he intends to make Samsung Pay and Google Pay support even in March if all goes well.

Users can connect their crypto wallets with their Samsung and Google Wallets according to BitPay policy. For now, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Currency, PAX, BUSD, USDC, GUSD, and Elixirs are provided in cryptocurrency on the service.


If it turns out that the rumors underlined are valid, Samsung and Google should join Apple Inc. to promote consumer crypto-payments in all respects.

The details of those operations are simply vague as regards the timeline, but Google Pay and Samsung Pay can follow a route close to Apple Pay. For the time being, all companies will have to comment.