Google is adding iOS Privacy Labels to Gmail

Google has now added iOS privacy labels for all its apps to its Gmail app. This time, the search engine does not offer a new version but has added Gmail's private labels. This shows that no new features or bug patches are obtained by users, but instead shows how Gmail gathers the info.

The app can share with marketers your location and user ID. It will also share the details about your engagement with advertisers.


The app doesn't obtain your name, address, or phone number according to the privacy label. For the purposes of analytics, location data is often used. You can screen the video below if you're interested in seeing the entire label.

It is important to note here that the privacy labels of the Apple app reveal every open item. For starters, if an app gives you a map, it may only use location data. In addition, the company itself adds the details on the labels and Apple makes no guarantee of its accuracy.

Surprisingly, without upgrading the Gmail application the tech giant added the marks. That was the last time Google changed the iOS app nearly two months ago.

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