Google Photos gets new updated Video Editing Features

Google Photos appears to have a latest video editing feature, with more than 30 Android video enhancing tools. Similarly, Google extends those photo editing software previously limited to Google One users on pixels.

With the new video editing users may edit, adjust focus and add filters. In addition, images need to be cropped, balanced and rotated. Apple's iOS also appears in the Images default program. Google Images users can also make granular edits involving warmth, lighting and contrast. The company said that the new video editing features are now open to iOS users and will also be available in the coming weeks for Android users.


Google Photos gets new updated Video Editing Features

In addition to video editor enhancements such as portrait light, portrait blur and color pop, Google also provides a number of image editing tools to many other non-pixel users. But only those who are Google One membership could use these photo editing tools.

If you want to test new features, you must purchase the Google One subscription. Users will access the above features and 100GB of cloud storage that can be share with each other by subscription. Users will include up to five additional participants under the plan.

"Members of Google One can also have access to modern application learning effects. Think of them as ultrafilters that can only be used with one tap for complicated edits," Google said that.


Over the next few days users of Google One will be able to utilize Google Photos software to update picture editing features. It's first available on phones from Android. When iOS users would use modern Picture Editing software, Google did not make it clear.

The company said it will be possible to try a computer with at least 3GB of RAM and Android 8 Oreo or higher. The recent development is just months after Google's upgrade updated the policy of supplying Google Images with free and unlimited storage, which is effective on June 1, 2021.

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