How to add back Instagram Reels Video to Profile

Hello friends! Today in this article we are going to talk about How to add back Instagram Reels Video to Profile. We will know all the How to add back Instagram Reels Video to Profile. Stay with this article to know in more detail about it.

After TikTok was banned in India, Instagram launched a new feature called Reels that allows users to post short videos on the Instagram platform. You can make your short videos and add music in the background, stickers, some text and filters using the built-in Instagram Reels editor.

As with IGTV videos & tagged images, Instagram has introduced a new feature for rolls on the profile page. This is available below the profile's biographies or story highlights. The user will choose all the reel videos in one place from the Reels section.


How to remove Instagram reel from profile

Instagram also has a tool to delete a reel video to the profile list. Sometimes you mistakenly apply a reel to the grid in the profile, or for whatever reasons you want to delete it. How do you do this?

  • Next, go to the profile and open the Instagram app on your phone.
  • Then open the profile with the reel video and now click on menu bar.
  • A pop-up box appears to display the choice Remove from profile grid  Only click on that option and you've done it.

Is that possible to adding back reel to profile grid?

Often you mistakenly delete a reel video to the grid profile, or you did not placed the reel first, and you want to. Instagram has no choice to add reel video to the grid in the profile. Most people on the internet complain about this.

Now, you can just repost this video on the Instagram profile grid. In this method, you lose the full spectrum and likes, views and feedback are all gone. We suggest this move only if you have posted your cartridge recently and you have not met a great deal of audience.


If you think all right about removing and reposting the reel videos, how do you do it?

  • Remove your old reel videos: First go to the Instagram profile, switch to the reel section and now open the reel video that you want to remove. Next, press the menu bar and select Delete the option in red color. This removes the reel video from your account forever. Please remember that all your views, likes and feedback will also be deleted.
  • Repost the video on your reel and add it to your profile grid: after the previous video has been deleted, the next one is repost it once more. Now go and load that video from the gallery into the Instagram Reels camera. You may add stickers, text, filter to your video on the editor screen.
  • After the next step, a video title will be required. Right here is a button labeled "Also share to feed". Activate this button.  After this, to upload the video to the Instagram account, push the Sharing button.

We know it is complicated, so it is the best way to put it back to the grid. You're only other way to get a post on the Instagram with a lot of likes, feedback and views. Instagram could add the feature directly to the grid to add reel images.


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