How to Register on Foodpanda

It is no longer difficult to create an online food delivery restaurant. You can launch your food company quickly and make food a successful one with foodpanda. So, if you think of registering your foodpanda restaurant, learn about understanding what to do. This article deals with how to register on foodpanda.

Because Pakistan's most popular online food delivery service was the spread of the pandemic, foodpanda has upgraded its services so that people can get food at home quickly. Became the first choice for many people to buy food online because of the partnership with leading food stores and small food businesses.

Complete Guide about How to register on Foodpanda 

For consumers and sellers, online food supply portals have made life easy. The cost of restaurants has not only been reduced but staffing demands have been reduced. People may set up an online food delivery restaurant with limited room and resources. Here are the directions for listing your food panda restaurants.

  • Access the official website of foodpanda.
  • Tap on "Sign up now" after you have accessed it.
  • You can see a form on your screen after you've clicked it.
  • Fill in all the information you need in the form such as your name, cuisine type, city, etc.

How to Register on Foodpanda

  • Upload the restaurant menu after you type all the information in the form.
  • Tap on "Submit Form" when the menu is uploaded.
How to Register on Foodpanda

  • You have to wait for foodpanda's approval after sending the form.

After Approval

As soon as the approval process passes, foodpanda will give you an arrangement. If you do not have any objections, read the contract carefully and sign it. You will get a sample of the menu and tablets, followed by training from foodpanda after you have signed the deal. Your restaurant is made live on foodpanda after the training session.

How to Register on Foodpanda

How Foodpanda works

All the orders will be accepted through the tablet provided by foodpanda. Within 30 minutes after the order was placed, a foodpanda rider will arrive at your restaurant. Foodpanda sends payment after every month to the restaurant owners and provides them detailed success insights.

You got it there! It's like registering for foodpanda. If you have some questions, please ask for some more helpful guides in the comment section and follow this space.

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