How to Unseen Someone Story on Instagram

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Instagram stories include an unique way of sharing with their followers, your videos and images. The idea of stories differs from the normal way they are posted. However, you can connect them to the highlights until 24 hours if you need them to continue on the profile permanent.

You would know once you see the story of anyone on Instagram that you will have seen the story. You do not want someone else to know sometimes that you saw their story. That may be for many reasons. Let's assume that you don't follow your Instagram crushing but saw their story mistakenly.


The other person knows that you track their profile silently and this gives a negative feeling. In your life, did you always make this mistake? We realize how uncomfortable it is. You can't remove your activities.  So, not so far. We will provide you a quick method to unseen a story on Instagram that you mistakenly opened.

How long you will see the list of story viewers

The story is saved in the user's archive page after 1 day, Until the story expired. Instagram used it to permanently display the list of users for example the story uploader will see who views the story by viewing it on the archives at all times.

And yet this system has been updated now by Instagram. The viewing list will only be used for 48 hours by the uploader. If you look at someone's post, so he will be able to verify whether you saw it 48 hours before the story is published. The viewers list will expire instantly after 48 hours.


How to deactivate Instagram account temporarily

If you have mistakenly opened Instagram story, there is no direct method to explore any story on Instagram. There are several means of stopping the user from to see you on the list of story visitors. The best solution is to temporarily delete your Instagram account.

We would only consider using this way if you need to hide from the story visitors list. The Instagram must be used for 48 hours to agree. You will continue to delete your Instagram account if you are OK with it.

You can re - activate your Instagram quickly after 48 hours. Please remember, no one can contact with you or view your profile as your effective retention. However, when you re-activate the account, you can absolutely disconnect from the Instagram. Follow these step-by-step method for those that do not know how to delete Instagram account temporarily

  • Go your mobile or desktop to the Instagram web and log in. For this purpose, you cannot use the Instagram application.
  • Then, Go to your Instagram profile.
  • At the left corner on the top, press the icon of setting.
  • Click on the button Edit Profile.
  • Click on the Temporarily disable my account and scroll back to the bottom.
  • On the next page, click on  why your account is disabled and type your password to continue. Click on the Temporary Disable the Account button.

When you disable your account successfully, the story you mistakenly opened is immediately unseen. Now just log in to the account like you usually do, if you'd like to re-activate your Instagram. 

How to block someone on Instagram to unseen the story

We know that it is difficult to avoid using Instagram for even one day. There was another way to unseen anyone story on Instagram if you do not like this first way, and it is easily through block that user. Compared with the previous way, this way is more feasible and effective. You don't have to stop using the Instagram and just block the person.

Instagram literally remove you from story visitors list if you blocks the user. You wouldn't have to continually block that user. Just block him for 48 hours, as in the earlier method. You will unblock it again until the story viewing list has removed from your account.

  • Open your mobile with the Instagram application.
  • Now, Go to search tab and search the user which you want to block.
  • Open their Instagram profile from search result and click on the button menu.
  • Now open a pop-up box in which the block option is shown. Only click on it and the action will be requested to confirm it. To continue, click on Block again.

Note that: If you follow the user and block him, you may follow one another automatically. Before use to this way, keep this in your mind. You will unblock the user quickly after 48 hours by following the same steps.


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