Huawei Adds 'Headspace' Meditation App to the app Gallery

The stress management business and new studies in the Huaweí AppGallery have found that a substantial number of people globally use apps to monitor their mental health. Huawei also added the Huawei AppGallery for the "Headspace" application.

This comes in response to a study that revealed that 78% of Britons used this technology during the COVID-19 outbreaks for stress relief or inspiration. The percent of people who are attentive to fear rose during lock-out to 17 percent. At present, the Huawei AppGallery is the third biggest app store in the world and the Huawei Headspaces AppGallery is also now featured.


In this difficult scenario, Huawei aims to provide consumers with 'added assistance in the wellbeing.' When each of us is impacted in one way or another by and still suffers from the events of the COVID-19 in the past year, it is vital that we consider ways to reinforce our resilience to cope with this unexpected and challenging moment," said Neil Shah, Chief Stress Management Officer.

"Since last March lockdowns started, a lot of people have been following our 'Home reframing anxiety' teaching in the United Kingdom and the technique of 'stress meditation' is used six times more than ever. This study shows that technologies play an important role in increasing our general mental health," said Jowlawn Victor. He also added that multiple legroom events and classes also grew by 1000 percent as people use our app to enhance their health in the most stressful times of disease.


Huawei has therefore added Headspace to his AppGallery a top-of-the-line meditation and awareness application to aid users in this tough time of tension.

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