Huawei wants to make Electric Cars later this year

Huawei has suffered a lot from the different bans of the US Government. The company has now sold its brand Honor. Furthermore, in recent months the business is concentrating more on wearables and audio supplies. It seems like, while relying on other gadgets, the company is pulling away from the mobile division. Huawei plans to produce electric cars under its own name, according to recent news.


There are reports that well before the end of this year several versions might be shipping. The company has evidently already begun to design and communicate with suppliers for electric vehicles (EVs).

Huawei User Group chief Richard Yu is said to concentrate on EVs that are targeted at the mass market industry, which means that they are moderately priced. Previously, he was responsible for the incredible development of the field of smartphones.

The sources also state that Huawei talks with the BluePark New Energy Technologies BAIC Company and others to use their automobile plants to produce its electric vehicles.


A Huawei speech spokesman on the contrary rejected plans for the production or manufacture of Huawei branded cars.

“Huawei is not a car manufacturer. However, through ICT (information and communications technology), we aim to be a digital car-oriented and new-added components provider, enabling car OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to build better vehicles”.

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