In 2021, for Windows and later macOS, Microsoft released new versions of Office

Two new versions of Office are expected to be launched by Microsoft in 2021, a business version and an LTSC for commercial customers. The 2021 edition was planned for people who do not wish to use the cloud services available in Office 365, as the previous version of Office i.e. 2019.

Actually, Office 2021 and LTSC do not have all specifics about the respective functionality and improvements. However, all models are supposed to have dark mode support, enhancements in usability, and dynamic arrays in Excel.


Besides the extra functionality, until now Microsoft has not upgraded the latest Office with any substantial improvements to the UI. Non-cloud-based office resources have been very much demanded for several months by the general public, thus the launch of Office LTSC. It is obvious that many business people are still unable to use cloud technology in their respective operations.

Head of Microsoft 365 according to Jared Sparato:
"I undoubtedly have a variety of clients who have switched to the cloud in the last 10 months. Around the same time, we certainly have clients who do not feel that they should migrate to the cloud in particular situations."


Office LTSC will be able to support five years instead of the normal seven, so it will match itself more closely with the support of Windows. Likewise, Office, as well as Windows, would have exactly the same release schedule.

These Office versions are planned for the 32-bit and 64-bit versions in April.