In February 2021 Oppo's new interactive charging technology coming

At the event of the Mobile World Congress 2021, Shanghai, Oppo recently confirmed formally its announcement on 23 February 2021 of the various innovations in charging technology.

In his latest tweet, the mobile maker confirmed that it would disclose new technology in its charging technology ecosystem. The Chinese technology giant is a huge mobile charging player. The organization would shortly launch the new fast-charge technology. It has today announced publicly that it will be launched on 23 February 2021 on the MWC stage of the Shanghai festival.


In general, Oppo's legendary 65W mobile quick charge technology has marketed for many years, also for an inexpensive price. The business has its next rapid battery charge strategy with the currently uncertain 'interactive' phrase. In other words, we will need to wait for the thorough official statement of the business for a few weeks.

Even Realme will be launching 125W quick load service versions, even some manufactures measure 160 W fast charge. OPPO fast load technology is one of the world's leading players. But the 65W fast charging technology has effectively been popular with OPPO. The 3C certification of OPPO Find X3 Series is passed and the system also has a 65W fast charging.

Some studies have shown that OPPO and automotive industries cooperate thoroughly and that new car charge products are planned to be launched. But the big news is that OPPO has a fast charger.