Jazz Initiates 4G launch in South Waziristan

The number one 4G network of Pakistan, Jazz, has launched the launch of the mobile broadband 4G to South Waziristan.

The 4G roll-out was launched in record time showing Prime Minister Imran Khan's recent commitment to provide high-speed Internet access in the tribal area for the citizens of South Waziristan. It is important to remember that Jazz is the only 4G provider in this area and the launch is progressing at a rapid rate.


"Our commitment to bridge the digital divide and to connect our fellow countrymen with fast and reliable mobile broadband in South Wazirististan is in line with the rollout of 4 G services," said Aamir Ibrahim, CEO, Jazz. Our vision to empower Pakistan digitally is driven by better connectivity and equitable opportunity for everyone. In remote places, we will continue to encourage people to ensure that all Pakistanis have access to high-speed Internet and that no one is left behind."

Jazz has spent PKR 12.3 billion in the last quarter of 2020, and 4G's network investment was the biggest priority, helping 4G to hit a population of 59% and a 4G base of 25 million.