Kids mode for safer browsing is available from Microsoft Edge

The Kids Mode has been released on the browser by Microsoft Edge. The functionality is designed to provide a personalized child-friendly interface. In addition, adaptive update requests were disclosed by Microsoft Edge. This feature examines data in order to avoid viewing website update requests that some users do not wish to see.

Kids mode for safer browsing is available from Microsoft Edge

The kid's mode defaults to 'strict' the Bing SafeSearch. It also offers customized browser subjects, child safety features, and a password. Curiously, users of Microsoft Edge do not require a child profile or account to enter kid's mode.


Follow these quick steps to mode children:

  • Select Browse in Kids Mode by clicking the Profile icon in the top-left corner of this search bar. Notice that in order to use this option, you do not have to sign in to your profile. But signing in will allow the child mode setup to be synchronized across all devices.
  • From choices 5-8 years and 9 years old and older, choose age-appropriate. The children mode on the browser should be opened.
  • To leave the browser, click on the icon of the kid's mode.
  • Choose Window Children's Escape Mode.
  • Enter your password and other termination credentials.
  • By going to Settings and More >> Settings >> Family you will further tinker with the settings.