Massive 100 MP Selfie camera Smartphone coming soon

Smartphones with back 100MP+ cameras are commercially available for even more than one year. The highest pixel limit is 44MP, but selfie cameras have also been developed over time. But the new sensor pixel technologies could soon be upgraded. New leaks say that a 100 Mega Pixel selfie camera is set to start shortly. However, the leaks did not elaborate about the company or the maker that would unleash a 100MP camera on a smartphone.

While it seems great to have a definition of the 100MP+ front camera, it is also curious how it is configured on your smartphone. As the 108 MP cameras are very massive and space at the rear of the modules, the front one of them means that the unit has either a large notch or an extensive hole punch. We want the camera to be positioned in two ways with an unbeatable hole or hole punch.


The first is the pop-up camera principle which allows the pop-up method to be improved to change the large sensor. The other approach is by using motorized flip cameras like ASUS Zenfone 6 and Zenfone 7. This system helps a 100 MP camera to be mounted on the back which is twice as high as the selfie camera.

We look forward to the smartphone being launched soon with a selfie camera 100MP and we are optimistic that more businesses will get on the same train after the first handset has been launched. There's also exciting news that the ZTE Axon 30 Pro is also confirmed to be the first phone to join the market this year with a 200 MP camera.