Microsoft plans to acquire Pinterest in future

Microsoft reportedly held meetings with Pinterest in an effort to introduce the social network. In recent times, the Financial Report says that Pinterest was contacted by the software company for a deal, and that talks are "presently not effective." It is likely to be the largest purchase of $51 billion by Microsoft to deadline.

The deal, to date the largest purchase from Microsoft, proves that the company aims to keep pursuing a purchase plan that would allow successful online communities to work over its Azure cloud computing platform. Pinterest now relies on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its transportation system, with over 320 million active users.


It's an approach we saw with TikTok pursue by Microsoft. While not successfully completing a TikTok service agreement, Microsoft would have provided valuable information and an opportunity for its many other service providers.

The social networking platform was created in 2009 and prospered during the disease outbreak. With its robust increase in sales and users, Pinterest's share price investment grew over 600 percent. Users generally put pictures on the website to add their personal activities or hobbies to their visual wish lists, such as marriage plans, homemade decoration or holiday suggestions.

Microsoft acquired several major corporations under CEO Satya Nadella. Some years ago GitHub joined Microsoft a $7.5 billion deal and the $26.2 billion LinkedIn transaction was the first major acquisition by Nadella.