Netflix can now automatically download your favorite movies

The new functionality Netflix has now introduced is called "Downloads for You." Users can download their favorite movies and TV shows seamlessly with the help of the new one. In cases where you have no access to the Internet, this feature helps you improve.

In the past, Netflix's intelligent updates were automatically removing the episodes that the customers viewed and downloading the next one. Netflix now saves your favorite shows and films with the Downloads for You.


Netflix can now automatically download your favorite movies

For you inside the Netflix app, users can use Netflix's Downloads. The functionality is only available on Android devices. It is important to remember. There's currently no detail on the iOS devices when the feature arrives.

You must follow the steps given below in order to use the feature.

  • Just launch the Android app of Netflix.
  • Click the Downloads tab.
  • Tap on the Downloads toggle next to you.
  • Now here you get to select how much free space you want to use on downloads.
  • Click on Turn on when you choose the storage space.

The 'Downloads for You' features can also be removed. Or if you run into storage issues, you can decrease the number.

In a blog by Netflix, Netflix product innovation Director Patrick Flemming wrote:


"We launched Smart Downloads three years ago so that you can locate the next episode of your favorite show — even on the lane. Now, we want you to discover instantly and conveniently whether you are related or not, your next favorite series or video. Today, we start Downloads for you – a new feature that will download the shows or movies you recommended automatically on your mobile device."

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