New Microsoft Office app is now available for iPad

This week, Microsoft announced their new iPad Microsoft Office application, which provides users with access to a business's iPad application office applications. Microsoft introduced a fully integrated iOS and Android Office application last year. Apple's iPad devices are now workable with the unifiable mobile Office application, Microsoft. In one single app, the new Office application includes Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Sooner, Microsoft clarified that now the Office Application was created to provide the users with a simple integrated experience that places the toolkits ahead of the rankings.


"We started integrating the current Word, PowerPoint and Excel mobile applications in a single application," Microsoft says when it decided to launch the Truly united Office application on iPhone. This brings together several your Office documents at the same time, reduces such a need to change between different apps and helps reduce storage on your mobile phone especially in comparison to several apps that have been installed."

The fully integrated version provides, according to Apple informant, with one single tap on either the single icon for any of the Office apps. This means that the office apps share a common initial screen.


The Microsoft Office application for iPad can be downloaded by users even without charge, but the user needs to be subscribed to use Office 365's sharing or collaboration functions.

Well, the new Office iPad app requires iOS 13.0 or later here. It is important to mention.