Oppo reveals the Rollable Smartphone "OPPO X 2021"

At the Inno Day Conference 2020, the Oppo rolling smartphone X 2021 was officially unveiled for the first time. In experimental videos, the rollable smartphone has been displayed online and Oppo is now releasing further information about the rollable smartphone, OPPO X 2021.

The Company discussed how the rolling screen works and a technique used in the 6.7 to 7.4-inch expansion of its display at the latest MWC Shanghai 2021 ongoing event.


Oppo reveals the Rollable Smartphone 'OPPO X 2021'

The rolling screen is controlled by two rolling motors which generate continuous retraction power and an extended rolling display. The Warp Track Laminate motors are fitted with gear. It rolls over the center axis with a diameter of 6.8 mm. According to Oppo, although the astounding thickness remains uncharted the OLED display can expand and unroll back in its original form.

The 2-in-1 panel support technology supports the screen. It consists of metal belts that mesh together so that every panel glides through while the roll motors modify the phone size to suit. This also supports a zero-segment gap display, keeping its image smooth.


For easy roll-in and roll-out design, Warp Track laminate (built-in high-speed steel) is used. It only measures 0.1 mm but looks strong enough to support the panel. A linear surface pattern is applied to the laminate. The durability of the display is also increased.

Oppo says this form factor is more durable and strong compared to other folding phones. The company has not yet revealed the official smartphone launch date, so users have to wait until they can take over the new smartphone.

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