PUBG Studio Announces New PUBG Game

Introducing a mobile title for iOS and Android named PUBG, New State, would extend the universe this year.

Created in 2051, PUBG: a new state is on a new Troi map which contains a wide variety of weapons and luxury vehicles including drones and shields for use.

The new game will also allow players to change their guns in a game that allows them to adjust their weapons in a match close to the weapons attachment of Apex Legends.


PUBG: The new state will mark PUBG Studio, which is behind Unknown Battlegrounds, as the third royal game fight and the first mobile title, under PUBG's umbrella. PUBG's PC and console versions are two more games.

Please be aware that PUBG Mobile is a different title established by Tencent, a Chinese technology giant.

PUBG Studio Announces New PUBG Game

And considering the mobile nature of the title, PUBG Studio has assured that ultra-realistic graphics would drive the boundaries of mobile gaming in New State.


PUBG: Modern State has a similar atmosphere to the semi-Futurist war games of Call of Duty such as Black Ops 3 and 4.

PUBG: New State, and the alpha tests are expected in the coming months, will be available on android and iOS later in 2021.

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