Realme is reported to be one of Q4 2020 Canalys' Top 5 smartphone brands

realme declared to be one of the top five brands in 15 regions in conjunction with the global mobile shipping survey for the Q420 Canalys, the new smartphone company that provides high-quality phones and AIOT goods.

Realme placed fourth and ranked in the top five sellers in southeastern Asia in the 4th quarter of 2020 as the fastest rising smartphone company. The Business ranked third in the Philippines with growth in rising economies such as Thailand and Myanmar more than 100 percent year on year. Although realme has generated 338 percent annual growth in Russia in Q4, in some European markets like Greece, the Czech Republic, and Russia.


"The realme is a mixture of best results and trendy styles, with extraordinary rates, embodying the spirit of 'Dare to Jump.' Even at this tough moment, we are optimistic that our goods and marketing strategies are successful. Realme will continue to have the perfect mix of creative, innovative models, and a balanced convergence of software and hardware that meets the demands of the younger generation."

Realme is reported to be one of Q4 2020 Canalys' Top 5 smartphone brands

Canalys has listed Royalty in the Top 5 shipping brands including Indonesia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Thailand, the Czech Republic, Myanmar, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Egypt, Russia, Greece, Israel, and the zone around Southeast Asia.

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