realme’s new performance flagship Race is officially named realme GT

Realme, the world's fastest expanding smartphone company, revealed today that Race, the new flagship code previously released, will be publicly launched under the GT realme and debuted worldwide on 4 March. In keeping with the "will to save" brand spirit, the realme GT is the high-performance flagship in the product range and provides young consumers all over the world sustained pace of performance and patterns. The C series, Number series, and the X series have now established three main product lines on the global market which quickly complete the coverage from start to finish. Now the latest GT realme will enhance its high-end product lines further, meeting the need for high-level development from young people in the Gen-Z.

The new flagship series, the new journey

In the 1950s and 1960s, high-performance and extremely durable GT sports cars were born in order to satisfy the demand for affordable and fast long-distance driving. GT is a high success in public opinion. GT is regarded as the realme new flagship for success with Snapdragon 888 and gives strong spiritual importance not just to its customers, but also to their sustaining and increasing experiences and spiritual resonance. It continues with and not just the spirit of the race and the promise of realme for the new generation of youth: to overcome their limitations in the direction they enjoy. It is a flagship for young people.

Dare to leap, the breakthrough in new track

In 2020, the realme remained a solid contender and disruptor in the industry with its seventh-highest shipment and its quickest expansion worldwide, with obstacles and prospects. After two successive growth quarters, Counterpoint acknowledged realme as "the world's fastest branded product to achieve 50 million in sales." In 2021, Realme GT will help realme develop its products and labels more, bringing better products in the mid-and high-market, using superior innovation and trendsetting architecture, so as to inspire more young people to 'spring up.'