Redmi Note 8 Launch Android 11 Update

One of the most affordable smartphones at the time was Redmi Note 8. Notice 8 has always been landed with Android 9.0 Pie-based MIUI 10. The firm revised MIUI 11, and MIUI 12, respectively. Even Android 10 had the phone. The company now began, as planned, to carry out the Redmi Note 8 version of Android 11.


Redmi Note 8 Launch Android 11 Update

Xiaomi announced some of its 2019 smartphones in December 2020, upgrading Android 11. Vanilla Redmi Note 8 now receives a V12.0.1.0.RCOCNXM built-in upgrade to Android 11 in China. Currently, the update is in the 'Secure Beta' process and is only available to the country's chosen consumers.

Redmi Note 8 Launch Android 11 Update


It should, however, be eligible in the next few days for all consumers. Some terms are also going to be modified in the near future by Redmi Note 8T.

One of Xiaomi's best-selling smartphones is the Redmi Note Series. Notice 10 series is ready to be released. A 1080P LCD, an 8MP Selfie camera and a 48MP main shooter are available on the Redmi Note 10 4G. In the next few days, we will get more official information on the units.