Spotify Launches in Pakistan

Spotify is today officially launched in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, the world's most common premium service for audio listening. This provides a revolutionary experience tailored to your personal liking. Spotify offers a customized streaming platform with more than 70 million songs for local and international artists, with a worldwide audience of over 345 million monthly active listeners with 155 million paid subscribers. The Spotify app is available free of charge or upgrades to Spotify Premium, a service that allows users to have music uninterrupted.

For the last Spotify experience, users can switch to Spotify Premium for PKR 299 per month. The PKR 479 Premium Family subscription package for up to six family members who live under one roof every month is eligible. The new Spotify Premium DUO (PKR 390 a month) is a two-person subscription package that provides Duo Blend, a regularly updated playlist for two subscribers, who enjoy the audio and like it together. The subscription schemes will costs PKR 149 a month for Spotify Premium Student. Telenor and Zong both have direct carrier billing services open.


Spotify is based in Pakistan with a special blend and freedom to play on a variety of applications and tablets. Music fans are now welcomed to explore and download new music from both local and foreign artists via the customized music suggestions of Spotify.

"We are extremely excited that producers and hearers from all over the world will come together. We have linked up more than 8 million artists with listeners from almost every continent as we have extended our international presence over the years, putting Spotify at the very center of the global audio market," said Alex Norström, Chief Freemium's Officer for Spotify. „The introduction of a fully unrestricted Audio Ecosysteme in these emerging markets is an important next step to meet our continuous dedication."


Claudius Boller, Spotify's Chef of the Near East and Africa, is leading a team of music and audio experts to the newly launched South Asian markets. "Therefore, we want to share the gift of the music with as many people as possible to enrich the lives not only of our listeners but of local artists who will now have an access to a global audience." "Through this expansion, we will always be where our fans are, and our mission is to share the sound of Pakistan Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka with the rest of the world."

Spotify Launches in Pakistan

Spotify Playlists made for Pakistan 

Spotify's team of local music specialists experts, across a variety of common genres for any mood or moment, including Hot Hits Pakistan, Pakistani Rock Hits, Pakistani Indie 101, Drama OSTs, Loadshedding Longing, and more, expertly and constantly modified the latest playlist.


Unique discovery features and music recommendation

The personalization that helps listeners to locate the songs they love with ease and can also help them discover new music and artists to explore, based on their taste and listening habits is a huge feature of the Spotify app. When a new user comes with Spotify, it's driven by a 'Taste Onboarding' mechanism, that allows Spotify to customize musical taste recommendations quickly.

Local listeners can enjoy customized discovery services, including a Daily Mix (up to six playlists combining your favorite track with new songs that we think you're going to love), a Release Radar (a personalized playlist for new music based on the artists that you follow and listen to every Friday) and Discover Weekly


Spotify also offers: 

  • Mood and genre hubs: go browsing, chilling, festival, concentrating, gaming, sleeping, dinner, kids, and more, all in a wide selection of hubs.
  • Played all over the game: Smartphone, desktop, and tablet download the Spotify app.
  • Listen anywhere: Listeners can engage Spotify on a multitude of software integrations and platforms with Instagram, Twitter, Samsung smartphone & TV, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Chromecast, Google Maps, Fitbit, and more.
  • Premium Listening Offline for Users: Just stream your music for offline use on your smart computer or Laptop.
  • Premium consumers have high audio efficiency – up to 320 kbps.
  • The app provides tools to track real-time analytics for new launches, to learn more about your audience, to communicate more closely to the fans, and to run your business. Spotify For Artists

In the days to come, audiences will be able to navigate a world of audio immediately in other countries across Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America and to become professionals through the most talented musicians.

You can update the Spotify app free of charge or upgrade it to Spotify Premium. You can grab the Spotify app from the Android and iOS app store now, or head to to stream music in the right way.

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