Telegram 7.5 will be introduced for android with new features

The latest demo of Telegram for Android slides off and expects any improvements before the secure channel is hit. In Telegram beta 7.5, the alternative is to set a time limit and user limits to prompt connections, an auto-delete timer for public groups, widget support, and more.

It was clear that people around the world were looking for alternatives to the apps of Facebook after the latest WhatsApp privacy policy prompted the conversation.


Right now, chats are only possible by inviting connect groups. However, Telegram 7.5, which enables users to enter a group simply by scanning the file, will now create a QR code from the group members. On the invitation page, the community owner may also indicate an expiry date.

Finally, the Telegram 7.5 Beta provides Android support to widgets, so that users can conveniently open a widget right from the home screen.


The new beta can also be used to set up an automatic timer to upload messages to a public group by the community administrator. This can be activated from the three-dot menu or Basic Context in the right corner of the conversation. The timer can be set for 24 or 7 hours.

All these improvements are present in Beta, but no word remains as to when they will appear on the stable platform, and when.

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