Twitter to launched Communities features and Super Follows

Twitter would add two additional features, one of them being the first paid feature of 'Super Follows' and the other being the 'Communities.' Users will charge their followers for access to special contents with the aid of a super follow feature.

According to the borderline, "bonus tweets, newsletter subscription Community groups, or a badge that indicates your interest may also be used. Twitter provided an example of a mockup screenshot that costs $4.99 per month to get a series of advantages. Twitter finds it a way to encourage creators and publishers to receive their fans directly."


Twitter launched Communities features and Super Follows

For developers, direct payment tools are now vital. Patreon has become popular with the user, with direct creator payment features being extended to sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and even GitHub.

Oh, look at how media outlets respond if their journalists behind the paywalls put any of their working tweets to generate an additional amount.

Not only could Twitter add Mega Follows, but it also unveiled new functionality called Communities in its Analyst event.


With the role of the populations, groups such as cats or plants may grow and participate. The role helps users to see more tweets based on their issues, according to Twitter.

There is currently no information as to when these capabilities are available. Twitter mentioned them as "what's next" for its website during a lecture for analysts and investors.

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