Twitter now finally Rolls Out Voice Messages

Today in an official tweet, Twitter revealed Voice Messages for DMs on its social media site that they have been working to introduce for some time now.

As of today, a few users will be able to post a voice message on DMs such as Instagram and Facebook according to the Tweet. The upgrade will be forwarded steadily. This ensures that the business meets everyone after the research is done. Upon receiving the update, you can choose a chat in DM and start voice recording.


In the chat, at the right, next to the Text Editor section there's a tiny 'Speech Button.' If you click it, the recording will begin. But now, for the voice message the platform offers just 140 seconds. Users would be able to give or cancel the voice message after the processing of the audio.


While the procedure is similar to Android and iOS users, Android and iOS users can record and release the audio by pressing the voice button for long and recording.

Laptop users may listen and could not record that messages.