Vivo will launched folding style phone with new concept

The development of smartphones can be seen in Foldable. Yet no other vendor has launched these devices other than Samsung and Lenovo-owned Motorola. We need to see more of a foldable format this year. So, in the last few months, we've seen multiple patents for folding smartphones like this new Vivo.

LetsGoDigital points that out at the end of August 2020 Vivo Mobile Communications applied a model patent to CNIPA. This patent shall be approved and issued on 12 February 2021.

Vivo will launched folding style phone with new concept


This folding style smartphone is unique to any other phone. Whether another foldable smartphones generally fold out like a notebook or the old-school clamshell.

A very special long display panel that folds down to the bottom of Vivo's folding phone style. Therefore, it appears like a regular phone in a folded state. The panel is as long as it is and looks strange in unfolded form.

Vivo will launched folding style phone with new concept

Furthermore, a periscope zOom as well as an unique LED flash system have been mounted to the back of this device with a Penta camera field. It is important to remember that there is only one physical key at the top (the control button may be) and there are no ports as well. The handset can also be paid wirelessly.

That being said, the only benefit that we can appreciate from this Vivo patent is that it is smaller than currently available foldable. It can also be useful as a host of five cameras for bloggers. We don't foresee Vivo to bring a mobile phone with this style on the market or not. We need to wait for more information.