WhatsApp is getting an update like Telegram features

WhatsApp works to introduce many new features in an effort to maintain its customers despite the recent update in its privacy settings. The platform would allow users to log out of the framework after it releases a few updated information features, according to a recent report from WABetainfo.

The report reveals that the latest beta update of WhatsApp now provides a logout option. Both the Android and iOS versions of the application will have the new feature.


Users now have only two ways to get respite from the app. You can either disable the software or mute your notifications. Too many users have required a log-out option to allow them as in every other social media site to sign out from the app. This was especially relevant for those who still receive and send messages on the website and company accounts.

Detailed in WABetainfo,

WhatsApp develops two separate multi-device types – a WhatsApp Network multi-device, which helps you to access WhatsApp Web without linking the main device to the internet. Moreover, you can link up to four separate devices to your WhatsApp key account using various devices or other devices.


WhatsApp is now reportedly disabling the account option. It is likely the ability to log out of the connected device's interface of the App would reposition the 'Delete Account' option.