WhatsApp Payments option not showing and How to get it

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WhatsApp has introduced a new feature known as WhatsApp Payments for its Indian users, which enables you to transfer payments directly to and from your contacts. Now the WhatsApp is a part of our everyday life. We chat with people who are not physically meet with us. We use WhatsApp to chat.

Payment applications are also available in India, including BHIM application, Google Pay application, PhonePe application, etc. The UPI framework (unified payment interface) is used for all of these money-transfer application for real-time transactions. WhatsApp also introduced the same framework to allow payments to be transferred to its system.

For WhatsApp it will be a revolutionary move to add payment options. It will make it much easier for users than any other site to send and receive the money. In the tutorial to the latest WhatsApp Payments feature, we covered all you need to know. Let's go to the topic deeply.


Why WhatsApp Payments option is not showing?

Some people have been complaining that in the WhatsApp they still don't see a payment option. There could be many reasons why the payments option was not activated by your WhatsApp. There are many significant reasons we have described here:

  • You may use an older version of the WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • Another explanation may be that the WhatsApp feature Payments for your mobile or Android update has not yet been introduced.
  • As of today, WhatsApp Payments have not been formally made to anyone because of multiple reasons. This update will be available to users in India for WhatsApp some time.

WhatsApp Payments option not showing and How to get it

How to check Payments option is available or not in WhatsApp

You now have to confirm first if the WhatsApp has the payments option available. Follow the below step-by-step tutorial:

  • Open WhatsApp application on your smartphone.
  • At the top right corner of your screen, click on the three dot menu option.
  • Now you will get payment option when the drop-down menu appears. If no such option is present in the menu list, the payment option of your WhatsApp is not yet allowed.

How to Fix WhatsApp not showing Payments option

We have explained already why your WhatsApp does not include the payment option. Any features you should do to make WhatsApp Payments active on your smartphone:

Update your WhatsApp application

Although WhatsApp Payments option is a latest feature, this is only included in the newly updated WhatsApp version. You could update this to the new version if you use an older version of WhatsApp application. Payments option in the WhatsApp can be allowed, but this is not assured. The WhatsApp applicatoion can be downloaded conveniently from your phone's app store (Google Play Store and Apple App Store).


Use a different mobile phone

You should be informed that WhatsApp Payments are open to some users, not others. This indicates that only those smartphones actually have this feature. If WhatsApp application does not view your mobile phone Payment option, try that on another mobile phone.

Wait until WhatsApp roll out Payments

WhatsApp application would soon be introducing the payment option for all Indian users. You can wait till the update reaches your smartphone. You should wait. Before then, wait quietly for anything you can do. Other UPI-based payment transfer applications, such as BHIM and Google Pay, are available to send and receive money on your phone as an alternative option.


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