WhatsApp shares the four ways to keep Chats Secure, Private and Safe

WhatsApp company shared the four ways that a users will secure, safe and private their chats on #SaferInternetDay. The messaging platform has revived its involvement to protect the privacy of the users in its latest tweets. WhatsApp's privacy update throughout the eye of the storm. The company is now unable to satisfy their users completely.


WhatsApp shares the four ways to keep Chats Secure, Private and Safe

Two-step verification:

The WhatsApp says that the first thing a person has to be able to do is to activate "two-step verification," a "optional feature for adding a PIN to your account." Following the PIN, the second move is to insert an email address for recovery if the PIN is reset. That is why the chat is private and secure.

You should control who you add to the groups

WhatsApp even permitted its users to check who should add them to groups. Options include "everyone," just friends or special contacts who will add you to WhatsApp groups.


Reporting spam:

The app has added spam reporting to its users another important feature. You should report it quickly if you are swamped by messages that do not exist in your phone contacts and if the messages look 'spamy.' When the users opens the chat window, the option will appear. WhatsApp also posted a screenshot of how unknown numbers can be blocked or reported.

Your profile

Users should also verify who their details can be viewed. For everyone, contacts or nobody, users can be set to view. The profile image, the "last seen" details and the "about information" may be defining.


WhatsApp also remembered all that their conversations are totally private and nobody, not even the company, will see them.

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