WhatsApp to Disable User Chats that Reject New Terms

WhatsApp deletes all users that do not approve the upgrading service terms by May 15 by shutting off the messages options. These users cannot send or receive messages from any of them.

You will be entitled to uninstall your account after 120 days as 'inactive.' In addition, the Instant Message application provides consumers who have not yet complied with the revised service rules to take up the call and will still be allowed to access updates for a limited time, perhaps "a couple of weeks."


WhatsApp to disable user chats that reject new terms

When WhatsApp unveiled the latest updates in January, the new words caused considerable tension among the world's masses. Most users shared unhappiness with Facebook data sharing. Security-based, many people have abandoned WhatsApp to migrate to other mobile replacement applications including Telegram and Signal.

During this time, there was a massive demand for two messaging applications Telegram and Signal, whilst the WhatsApp users searched for alternative encrypted messaging services.


WhatsApp then clarified why every user's chat could not be read or listened to. The update also explained that fees to other companies were allowed.

Well, it is vital that WhatsApp already shares some of your Facebook information, including the user IP address and the purchases you make through the platform.

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