Zong 4G faces the major disruption in Country wide

We have checked out thousands of smartphone users from different cities today, for certain users (currently more for some users), throughout the world.

Thousands of people worried about the network loss on Twitter when the company was operating online.

And after you went back live, selected users continued to face difficulties when it takes time to completely recover a whole network.


Zong spokesman said that a sudden commercial power failure was to blame for the problems in the network, while confirming the issues.

"Temporarily, some areas of Zong network networks were down. The power problem was fixed and utilities restored. The discomfort is remembered," he said in a press release.

The network appears to be facing difficulties when customers complain that the payment mechanisms of the business are crashing and that all calls, notifications and data services on the Zong network are free of charge.


This is a kind of disappointment and a rare scene on the telecommunications markets in Pakistan. We are looking forward to more information about how to connect with our followers.