Zong provides exciting free online recharge resources via My Zong App

Zong 4G, Pakistan's leading provider of cellular and digital services provides innovative new opportunities through its My Zong app online recharge (MZA). Users earn free minutes, data, and more with an online fee of PKR 500 and higher.

Recently the famous app has been revamped to allow users to do more in less time. The latest upgrade has the better experience of native online charging, which makes charging even more easily, seamlessly, and satisfying than ever with the My Zong App (MZA).


The Caller Nome Service, which makes users even though they are not on their list of contacts, is another essential function that the app currently provides. In addition, the My Zong App also helps users to block unnecessary numbers.

"Zong has struggled for excellence in service and My Zong App is a key digital device to meet the changing needs of its customers," said Zang 4G. "Today, this is one of the best digital connectivity solutions and improvements can be used best by the customers at a highly opportune time," he says.


For customers, Zong continued to use the My Zong Service. Taking a close look at digitally knowledgeable users' expectations and feedback, Zong has introduced various new features such as special deals, daily incentives, partnerships, informative post-payment costs, infotainment portals, widgets, and more.

As an innovator and world leader, Zong 4G is focused on satisfying the demands of its customers, who spend more time indoors in these days of tests of the never-before-seen global health crisis. Creativity and world-class expertise are all they need. The organization trusts that the changes to MZA will strengthen and increase the customer's time at home.

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