10Pearls launches E-Learning Portal with more than 100 courses

10Pearls is an award-winning company in product design, development, and technology development which helps companies improve their product design. The University of 10Pearls has developed an e-learning portal with more than 100 technology and management training courses for vocational development and training.

The project is initiated to help students and professionals develop and enhance their skills. In the first step, more than 100 training courses are offered and 60 webinars are organized.

Technology courses cover subjects such as artificial intelligence (AI), databases, languages in programming, computer vision, and cloud-based research. The management group includes leading skills, agile mindset, leverage over time, self-motivation, and dispute resolution.

The main goal of the portal is to help individuals improve their skills, information, and updated knowledge in terms of the exponential growth in the technology industry and to enable them to succeed in their careers.

Either a teacher could conduct the courses or self-study the courses. The Speaker for the 10Pearls University said: "Portal courses will provide an overview and knowledge of a specific area to ensure all sessions build an integrated expertise for all."

He added: "There's a passion for knowledge transmission for all courses by qualified, trained instructors." The website is currently in a beta stage and will eventually introduce different courses, modules, and features.

Zeeshan Aftab, Managing Director of 10Pearls, said the e-learning platform will address the development of our technological capital and improve the technology awareness and management skills of our students and professionals and make it fair for tech."

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